Air Energy

Air energy is light and refreshing. This energy can be used to manifest anything that has to do with communication, refreshing, intelligence, imagination, ideas, knowledge, dreams, and wishes. Anytime I want to tap into this energy to manifest anything I just mentioned I use it in a couple of ways.

One way that I use air energy is by writing down any ideas or dreams that I want in my life on a piece of paper. I take a white balloon and roll and tie the piece of paper to the balloon. Before I let go I verbally state my ideas and dreams while visualizing that it actually is happening. After that I take a few deep breaths and then release the balloon into the air. I watch the balloon while still visualizing my dreams and ideas until I can no longer see the balloon. Another way I like to use air energy is by going on a rooftop or on top of a high hill. If neither are available try to stand in a spot that is way above ground that is available to you as long as you are up high. While you are up high visualize your dreams and ideas while taking deep long breaths for 15 minutes. Both ways are great ways to utilize air energy.

When it comes it tarot and air energy it makes me think of your mental space, your thoughts, the way you communicate, and all of your ideas. A few of the major arcana reminds me of air energy such as Justice, the World, the hanged man, and the judgement card. Also, the swords minor arcana all deal with air energy. Just by looking at the images you can feel the energy of air coming from them.

You can work with air energy using tarot by meditating with a particular card from the swords minor arcana. Pick one card that you are drawn to and pretend that you are stepping inside the card like it is a doorway. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the middle of the scene within the card and experience it for about 10 minutes. Afterwards write down what you saw and your thoughts on it. I always encourage you to use air energy in a way you see fit and what you feel comfortable doing. Follow your intuition on how you should use this energy. How do you plan on using air energy?

Tarot Deck Used: The Animal Totem Tarot

Water Energy

Water energy is flowing, free, and mysterious. When I think of water energy I think of cleansing, healing, psychic abilities, emotions, the subconscious, purification, and intuition. If you are trying to tap into this energy you should think of the healing and cleansing aspect of it. What do you need to heal from and why do you need to cleanse. This all has to do with our emotional well being and how we feel overall. I like to tap into water energy in a couple of different ways.

One of my favorite ways to use water energy is by taking a spiritual bath. I love doing this especially if I am stressed and picked up on a bunch of negative energy that needs to be removed. I fill up the bathtub with really hot water that I can handle. I then sprinkle Epsom salt in the water. I like to use a lot, but use as much as you would like. I then add essential oils. I usually use lavender, eucalyptus, or frankincense & myrrh. I add herbs as well such as rose petals, chamomile, lavender, and sunflowers. Lastly I will add vanilla or coconut scented bubbles. Again you can use whatever oils, herbs, and bubbles you feel comfortable with using. I then burn some sage and incense to get the atmosphere calm and soothing. Lastly I burn some candles and turn off the lights while playing some nature sounds or mediation music in the background.

Before I enter the bathtub I pray on what I want to heal and how I want to feel after the spiritual bath. I then go inside the bathtub with my background mediation music still playing and just close my eyes and let the healing and cleansing begin. You can sit in the tub as long as you need to and by the time you are ready to come out you should let your body air dry. Usually I do these baths at night, so afterwards I feel extremely exhausted and I end up going to sleep right after. This process literally cleanses your aura and you will feel so much better after it. A quick way to cleanse and heal is by just swimming in water. It can have the same impact as a spiritual bath. I personally like the ritual part of a spiritual bath.

When it comes to tarot and water energy it is all about emotions, love, and feelings. When you look at the cups minor arcana you can almost feel the flowing emotional energy coming out from the images regardless of what deck you are using. There a few major arcana cards that have this same water energy feeling such as the high priestess, temperance, the moon, and the star. You can use the cups minor arcana and the few major arcana card that I mentioned to evaluate your current emotional state. Pick a card that speaks to you and meditate on it. Visualize yourself within the card and evaluate how you feel. After mediating and visualizing on the card that you chose write down your feelings in a journal. If you have other ways to use water energy I encourage you to follow your intuition and what you feel comfortable doing. How do you plan on using water energy?

Tarot Deck Used: The Vision Quest Tarot

Earth Energy

Earth energy grounds you and is all about growth. You can use it for abundance, balance, stability, foundation, wisdom, fertility, knowledge, strength, growth, and prosperity. When you tap into earth energy think of how you would want to feel grounded and secure. What would bring you the feeling of stability. How can you experience growth. There are a couple of ways that I like to use this energy to manifest.

One way is by writing down what growth I would like to see in my life. This could be growth in wealth, a bigger home, or my overall growth as a person. After writing this down I then take a pot of soil and stick the paper that I wrote my intention on in the soil. I then place plant seeds on top, water, and place it in the sun. I continue to take care of this plant and help it grow big and strong. Doing this is great because when you are planting and thinking of the growth you want in your life you are putting all of your intentions and your own energy into what you want. You are completely manifesting what you want just from planting a plant. Another way that I like to use earth energy is by writing down what I want to bring into my life and burying this into the ground. This is a simple way to use earth energy just in case you don’t want to plant and grow something and need an easy and quick way to manifest.

When earth energy relates to tarot I think of growth, abundance, and wealth. The pentacles minor arcana contains a lot of earth qualities in the card images no matter what deck is used. Also, in the major arcana I get earth vibes from the empress, the emperor, the wheel of fortune, and the world. The images in those cards revolves completely around growth and the possible outcomes of that growth.

As always I suggest that you focus on what you want in your life that deals with earth energy and pick a card that relates to it from the pentacles minor arcana or the major arcana and meditate with that card and visualize that you are stepping into the image of the card and are experiencing whatever is going on in the image. Visualization is a great tool that helps you manifest what you want. I also encourage you to follow your intuition and use the earth energy in tarot in your own way as well.

Tarot Deck Used: The Modern Spellcaster’s Tarot

Fire Energy

Fire can create as well as destroy. You can use fire energy for change, passion, creativity, motivation, willpower, drive, sexuality, breaking bad habits, and leadership. When you are using fire energy you should keep in mind what you want your results to be. Are you trying to create or start something off? Do you need to end something or destroy something? There are two ways that I like to use fire energy.

One is if I want to create something I will burn a candle. I focus on what I want to create or bring into my life and I will burn a candle based on my intention until it completely burns out on its own. The other way is if I want something to end or to destroy it I focus on what it is that I want to destroy and then write it down on a piece of paper. I then burn this piece of paper in a safe proof glass and watch burn completely.

When I think of fire energy when it relates to tarot I think of the minor arcana of wands. The minor arcana of wands deal with passion, willpower, creation, and strength and you can feel that fire energy just by staring at the cards. I also relate fire energy to a few of the major arcana cards such as the magician, strength, the tower, the devil, and the sun. Each card represents, willpower, strength, destruction, control, and warmth.

You can use the above to manifest the results that you want. You can also mediate with the above tarot cards and pick a card based on what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are trying to destroy something or remove something in your life you would use the tower card to mediate with. Also, if you come up with your own ideas to use fire energy I always encourage you to go with what you feel or what your intuition is telling you to do. How do you plan on using fire energy?

Tarot Deck Used: The Wild Unknown Tarot