Card of the Day – The Fool

It is time to take a leap of faith. Stop worrying about the unknown and just go for it. There are many of opportunities available to you, but you are afraid to walk into something that you are not familiar with. Get out of your comfort zone. This is how people end up not going for their dreams because they are afraid of just going for it. They end up staying in the same comfort zone that they are used to and become miserable. Don’t be like those type of people. Take that leap. The possibilities are endless.

Tarot Deck Used: The Orisha Tarot

Card of the Day – King of Swords

Whatever situation that you are in you know how to solve it. You do not need to look outside of yourself to find a resolution to what issues you are having. You have all the answers that you need within you. Consult with your higher self. Use your intellect and skills to solve anything that needs a resolution.

Tarot Deck Used: The Orisha Tarot

Card of the Day – 2 of Disks

Sometimes life pulls you in all different directions. You are working way to hard. Balance is in order. It is ok to let up on all the work you must do and focus on your self-care and mental health. All we are programmed to do is work hard, but you also must work hard on making sure that your mind, body, and spirit is intact. Take time to prioritize and reorganize your life in order to keep your life well balanced.

Tarot Deck Used: The Orisha Tarot

Card of the Day – 7 of Swords

Someone out there wants what you have and they are observing you closely. They want what is yours and this person intends on ruining all the good that you have going for yourself for their personal gain. Be aware of how others are moving around you and be on guard at all times. You are in a space where you could be manipulated or betrayed.

Tarot Deck Used: The Orisha Tarot

Air Energy

Air energy is light and refreshing. This energy can be used to manifest anything that has to do with communication, refreshing, intelligence, imagination, ideas, knowledge, dreams, and wishes. Anytime I want to tap into this energy to manifest anything I just mentioned I use it in a couple of ways.

One way that I use air energy is by writing down any ideas or dreams that I want in my life on a piece of paper. I take a white balloon and roll and tie the piece of paper to the balloon. Before I let go I verbally state my ideas and dreams while visualizing that it actually is happening. After that I take a few deep breaths and then release the balloon into the air. I watch the balloon while still visualizing my dreams and ideas until I can no longer see the balloon. Another way I like to use air energy is by going on a rooftop or on top of a high hill. If neither are available try to stand in a spot that is way above ground that is available to you as long as you are up high. While you are up high visualize your dreams and ideas while taking deep long breaths for 15 minutes. Both ways are great ways to utilize air energy.

When it comes it tarot and air energy it makes me think of your mental space, your thoughts, the way you communicate, and all of your ideas. A few of the major arcana reminds me of air energy such as Justice, the World, the hanged man, and the judgement card. Also, the swords minor arcana all deal with air energy. Just by looking at the images you can feel the energy of air coming from them.

You can work with air energy using tarot by meditating with a particular card from the swords minor arcana. Pick one card that you are drawn to and pretend that you are stepping inside the card like it is a doorway. Close your eyes and imagine that you are in the middle of the scene within the card and experience it for about 10 minutes. Afterwards write down what you saw and your thoughts on it. I always encourage you to use air energy in a way you see fit and what you feel comfortable doing. Follow your intuition on how you should use this energy. How do you plan on using air energy?

Tarot Deck Used: The Animal Totem Tarot