Fire Energy

Fire can create as well as destroy. You can use fire energy for change, passion, creativity, motivation, willpower, drive, sexuality, breaking bad habits, and leadership. When you are using fire energy you should keep in mind what you want your results to be. Are you trying to create or start something off? Do you need to end something or destroy something? There are two ways that I like to use fire energy.

One is if I want to create something I will burn a candle. I focus on what I want to create or bring into my life and I will burn a candle based on my intention until it completely burns out on its own. The other way is if I want something to end or to destroy it I focus on what it is that I want to destroy and then write it down on a piece of paper. I then burn this piece of paper in a safe proof glass and watch burn completely.

When I think of fire energy when it relates to tarot I think of the minor arcana of wands. The minor arcana of wands deal with passion, willpower, creation, and strength and you can feel that fire energy just by staring at the cards. I also relate fire energy to a few of the major arcana cards such as the magician, strength, the tower, the devil, and the sun. Each card represents, willpower, strength, destruction, control, and warmth.

You can use the above to manifest the results that you want. You can also mediate with the above tarot cards and pick a card based on what you are trying to achieve. For example, if you are trying to destroy something or remove something in your life you would use the tower card to mediate with. Also, if you come up with your own ideas to use fire energy I always encourage you to go with what you feel or what your intuition is telling you to do. How do you plan on using fire energy?

Tarot Deck Used: The Wild Unknown Tarot

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